The Opal Elite League

Opal League

Welcome to this web site which is dedicated to the Opal League, which forms part of Soccer Star.

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The Opal League is now in its 32nd Season and is looked after by Mike Taylor:

Vacant Teams

Premier League


Division 1


Division 2


Division 3


Lokomotiv Dinamo are the control team 

Week 1 - Nov 11 2017

Premier LeagueDivision One
1Sylvan Lake110042+23 1Istra Pula110052+33
2Chaddesden Cel'110042+23 2Northern Soul110052+33
3Mighty Chucks110031+23 3Kesgrave Vespas110030+33
4Jedi Knights110031+23 4La Donny Luz110031+23
5Doncaster Town110021+13 5Hundon Harriers110020+23
6Bentley Vikings110021+13 6Whitby Town110020+23
7Belmont Buccan'110021+13 7Xbana F.C10101101
8Cusco10100001 8Duffield Dynam'10101101
9Aberdeen Terror10100001 9East Riding E'10100001
10Armthorpe Rvrs100112-10 10York Rovers10100001
11Abysmal A'math100112-10 11Southamton Sity100113-20
12Kamikaze Vipers100112-10 12Tigre Victoria100102-20
13F.C Abertawe100124-20 13Funkademia F.C100102-20
14Loyal Rangers100124-20 14The Survivors100125-30
15Chester Town100113-20 15Askham Bryan U.100125-30
16St.Mary's Saint100113-20 16Phoenix Vikings100103-30
Division TwoDivision Three
1Corinthian Wiz.110050+53 1Cunnack Allstar110050+53
2Dell Diamonds110031+23 2Blackmore Kni's110020+23
3Norfolk F.C110020+23 3South Ruislip110020+23
4The Islanders110032+13 4Southern Vipers110021+13
5Leith Athletic110010+13 5Waterside F.C110010+13
6Chapel North10101101 6Wealdstone F.C10104401
7Par Athletic10101101 7Death Valley W.10104401
8Tadcaster Alb'10100001 8Yorkshires Fine10100001
9Scrubs10100001 9Huntley Fairw's10100001
10Riverplate10100001 10Molesley Shoals10100001
11Top Gun10100001 11Inter S'hampton10100001
12Woolwich Manor100123-10 12Kiloparsec Vil'100112-10
13Bayern F.C100101-10 13Millmoor Rovers100101-10
14Wigan Wildcats100113-20 14Mann City100102-20
15Stainsacre Utd100102-20 15Lokomotiv Din'100102-20
16Pickering Town100105-50 16Cupernham Rifle100105-50